Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ron Paul meltdown

I have a friend who is close to Ron Paul, although he was not a part of his presidential campaign. I have sent the following letter to him a few days ago. Got no reply, yet. You can judge for yourselves why:

Hi, ....

I hope that you can help me better understand the situation concerning Ron Paul. Namely, I have a great difficulty understanding why you and many other people close to Lew Rockwell, continue to support Ron Paul? You yourself said earlier that if Ron endorses Romney he would destroy his legacy that way. But, for all practical purposes, he had done that already! He sold out to the establishment, in order to secure Rand's political future in the GOP. It is clear that the Rand's endorsement was done with the full Ron's support, that Ron directly approved it on his Facebook page, etc. In addition, his campaign manager is openly subverting the campaign for months! He condemned Ron's supporters who worked tirelessly to take over a couple of state GOP organizations. He said they were going to suspend the campaign, but asked for money nevertheless. Ron approved tacitly all of this, and called his supporters to be "respectful" in Tampa. I am taking that as a clear proof that he personally approves everything Jesse Benton is doing, and that he made a deal with Romney and GOP. It is extremely difficult to believe anything else.

Do you know something that I don't? It seems to me that Ron gained nothing in return for his despicable behavior towards his own supporters, apart from Rand being co-opted into the GOP machine. That might have been understandable, he might have chosen to act as a father rather than as a statesmen, but that has to be pointed out by someone with real gravitas. He has to be called out for this. Ron's supporters including you were sold out. We who so admired him all over the world were sold out as well. I think that exactly in the name of deep respect for everything that Ron had done for the cause of liberty over the years, his latest sad betrayal has to be severely condemned. In order to preserve his legacy. Do you agree with me? Am I missing something?