Tuesday, January 17, 2012

American Presidents

Five best:

1. John Tyler (did nothing, protected Indians, blocked protectionism, supported Confederacy, for free markets)
2. Martin van Buren (did nothing, against war, against big government)
3. Grover Cleveland (vetoed everything, against war, against big government, for gold standard)
4. Warren Harding (did nothing to "prevent depression" of 1921, freed Wilson's political prisoners, lowered taxes drastically)
5. Andrew Johnson (opposed the 14 amendment, vetoed everything, states rights advocate)

Five worst:

1. Abraham Lincoln (mega killer, warmonger, big spender, paper money, income tax, dictatorship)
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (big killer, warmonger, mega spender, New Deal, dictatorship)
3. Woodrow Wilson (warmonger, income tax, Fed, dictatorship)
4. Theodor Roosevelt (warmonger, trust-busting, big government)
5. Lyndon B. Johnson ("Great Society")


  1. Perhaps you'd consider including an honorable mention for your "Five best" list: William Henry Harrison. After all, he had the good graces to die after a month in office, having spent the entire term of his presidency in bed with pneumonia, thereby minimizing the damage he might have done!

  2. I found your link on the Mises webpage. I would have to say what I know about Presidents, you 5 worst is a pretty good list.

  3. I agree with the worst list completely, except that I would put both FDR and LBJ a notch higher.

    The best list is also pretty good but what about Silent Cal? I thought he was pretty good too, and one of the wittiest.

  4. You mean "Great society". "Big society" is David Cameron's manifesto. :)